Embracing Millennial and Gen Z Clients: Unlocking the Power of a Growing Market

Two women have business meeting

In today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape, both client demographics and the role of advisors are undergoing a significant shift. To ensure long-term growth and sustainability, advisors must recognize the immense potential of serving Millennial and Generation Z clients. These younger generations represent a substantial portion of the population and possess considerable wealth. Financial advisors can […]

How AI is Changing the Wealth Management Industry

AI is here. Is your firm ready? Watch a replay of an insightful webinar featuring leaders from TIFIN, Deloitte and Brighton Jones as they discuss the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the wealth management industry. This practical and engaging conversation is tailored for leaders of wealth management firms who want to stay ahead […]

Grow Your Practice Through Technology-Powered Content

Is your firm looking to accelerate growth in 2023? Watch a replay of TIFIN Wealth and panelists from Aspiriant, Ronald Blue Trust, and Sowell Management as they share how leveraging strategic content powered by intelligent technology can help firms deepen client relationships, differentiate their brand, and scale their practice. Learn how to: • Access tools and […]

Using Education and Tech to Build a Multi-Generational Wealth Management Firm

In the latest video from TIFIN Wealth’s Growth and WealthTech series covering the intersection of firm growth and technology, Ben Pitts sat down with Bob Swift, Founder of TCI Wealth, to discuss: Insights learned over a 30-year career about using education to grow a firm Building a multi-generational wealth management firm Keeping up with the […]

Women’s History Month: Why Personalization Matters

At TIFIN Wealth, we believe in better financial outcomes for all investors. And part of that is acknowledging what makes every person unique. Technology-driven personalization signals are intended to identify the needs, preferences, and values of each person. While financial advisors can bring these lessons into any client conversation, there are differences to consider when working […]

Tech for Growth Webinar: Designing the Ideal Wealth Management Tech Stack

Does your firm want to leverage technology to fuel growth, but isn’t sure where to start? Watch a replay of TIFIN Wealth and panelists from OneDigital, Sowell Management and Concourse Financial Group as they discuss the industry’s journey to the ideal tech stack. Hear about the key strategic objectives, industry trends, and organizational challenges that are driving how they think […]

Capturing the Future of Workplace Enterprise Lead Gen

It’s well known that some of the wealth management industry’s largest firms are focused on the workplace channel, and many of the larger players in the space have made moves over the last five years that show workplace retirement and wealth is an important component of their strategic growth plans. In fact, retirement plan and […]

Health, Wealth and Tech: What Every Firm Should Consider

In the latest video from TIFIN Wealth’s Growth and WealthTech series covering the intersection of firm growth and technology, Ben Pitts sat down with Sam Kina, SVP of Data Science at Jellyvision, to discuss: The intersection between health and wealth and what that means for wealth managers How advisory firms can use AI-powered technology to help clients make more […]

Revolutionizing the Client Experience by Recognizing the Human Side of Wealth Management

In the latest video from TIFIN Wealth’s Growth and Wealth Tech series covering the intersection of firm growth and technology, Ben Pitts, Head of Sales Development & Research sat down with James Lenhoff, Director of Mission at Wealthquest, to discuss the human side of wealth management plus:  James’ views on solving client pain points to grow […]