Risk Alignment

TIFIN Wealth Risk Alignment leverages a holistic, quantitative multi-scoring approach that takes into account an individual’s risk preference, risk capacity and portfolio risk.

Now, you can assess your client’s risk beyond subjective, one-dimensional scoring to focus on facts over feelings.

Many investors are matched to portfolios that don’t align with the facts of their current life circumstances.

Risk tolerance is often assessed solely based on risk preference, which reflects an individual’s view of risk at a specific moment in time. This can be problematic as their attitude surrounding risk is subject to change.

Risk Capacity is a quantitative measure of the risk an investor can afford to take based on their personal and financial circumstances.

Risk Preference is a more subjective measure of the risk an investor is willing to take on, which can fluctuate over time.

Portfolio Risk is a calculation of an investment portfolio’s exposure to potential risk, which should fall somewhere within a client or prospect’s Risk Band. 

A Client-Centric

Clients or prospects fill out a multi-dimensional questionnaire in just a few minutes. Plus, use prospecting links on your website, digital newsletter or email signature for convenient access.

Designed for Engagement

More efficiently assess a client’s risk capacity and create custom risk-aligned proposals to strengthen retention. Plus, convert prospects faster by demonstrating how their portfolio can be adjusted to align within their unique Risk Band.

Risk Alignment Designed for Engagement
Risk Alignment Compliance Needs

Compliance Needs

The assessment and proposals are designed to enhance portfolio compliance with record keeping and Regulation Best Interest in mind. 

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