Health, Wealth and Tech: What Every Firm Should Consider

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In the latest video from TIFIN Wealth’s Growth and WealthTech series covering the intersection of firm growth and technology, Ben Pitts sat down with Sam Kina, SVP of Data Science at Jellyvision, to discuss:

  • The intersection between health and wealth and what that means for wealth managers
  • How advisory firms can use AI-powered technology to help clients make more personalized, financially-sound health insurance, Medicare, and HSA decisions
  • How these decisions should be part of a broader financial plan


About Sam Kina

Samuel Kina, Ph.D., is SVP of Data Science at Jellyvision. Prior to Jellyvision’s acquisition of Picwell, Sam led Picwell’s work in economic and predictive modeling since 2014, shortly after the company was founded. He has a wide range of experience in health policy and economics in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. He has advised several state and private health insurance exchanges, and he has provided economic and strategic support to several pharmaceutical manufacturers, health insurance companies, regulatory agencies, and Congress in matters related to health policy, intellectual property, antitrust regulation and FDA regulation and drug approval. Sam has taught courses in statistics, economics, and health policy, and his research has focused on the economics of the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

Prior to joining Picwell, he held positions at the Analysis Group, Congressional Budget Office, and the Alliance for Health Reform. Sam has a B.A. in Public Policy Analysis and Economics from Pomona College and a Ph.D. in Health Policy and Economics from Harvard University.


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