Precision AI for Organic Growth

We help modern wealth management firms bring more individuals into the world of advice through better data insights, client engagement and personalized investments.

We help firms identify hidden growth opportunities

Identifying and driving organic growth is a challenge for most wealth management firms.

By embedding data science with marketing automation, we’re able to generate feedback loops that empower firms to deliver personalized advice and identify new avenues for growth from within their existing data.

Nurture with Marketing Automation

The right strategy can save businesses time and frustration.

With all the content being offered in the financial services space, it’s more important than ever to cut through the noise and connect with targeted audiences.

Turn Insights into Action

TIFIN Wealth’s AI-powered ecosystem helps wealth firms to grow via client personalization capabilities that create actionable recommendations across personalized investments and giving.

Personalized Investments

Portfolios built through assessed needs across risk alignment, planning goals, financial personality and AI-powered optimizations to current portfolio positions. 

Personalized Giving

Engage clients and prospects with a next-generation Donor Advised Fund (DAF) platform to help maximize tax efficiency and charitable impact.

Capabilities To Meet The Unique Needs Of Your Firm

Data Science

Working at scale to uncover hidden growth opportunities for wealth enterprises.

Charitable Giving

Empowering client and prospect engagement via multi-generational, digital charitable giving.

Personalized Proposals

Providing AI-powered growth opportunities for individual advisors and investors.

Strategic Partners Include

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