Using Education and Tech to Build a Multi-Generational Wealth Management Firm

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In the latest video from TIFIN Wealth’s Growth and WealthTech series covering the intersection of firm growth and technology, Ben Pitts sat down with Bob Swift, Founder of TCI Wealth, to discuss:

  • Insights learned over a 30-year career about using education to grow a firm
  • Building a multi-generational wealth management firm
  • Keeping up with the evolving technology needs of young investors


About Bob Swift

Bob Swift founded TCI Wealth Advisors (“TCI”) in 1990 as The Conservative Investor. Bob recognized that individuals desired more information concerning financial planning and investing than they were receiving and they specifically were looking for help on how they could manage their own assets. Over time, these investors started asking Bob to assist them by delegating their portfolio management to him. The Conservative Investor has evolved into TCI Wealth Advisors, a full service wealth consultative firm, and has grown into one of the largest independent Registered Investment Advisory firms in the West.Bob served as the CEO of TCI for 25 years and recently transitioned that role to the next generation of leaders at TCI. He is now able to devote all his time to being an advisor and focusing on his true passions: advising and educating clients and mentoring future leaders of TCI. Bob is committed to making TCI a 100-year firm that will be around for not only our clients and employees today, but for their children and grandchildren in the future.

Bob is passionate about serving clients and educating others about the financial industry, especially those who typically do not have the opportunity to financial guidance. In 2011, Bob launched the ASPIRE by TCI program aimed at providing young professionals with access to sound financial planning and investment management as they start down the path of defining and achieving their financial goals. In 2014, Bob and his wife, Lisa Swift, founded the TCI Foundation, a non-profit that provides financial education and counseling at no charge to individuals who would not typically have access to an unbiased professional financial advisor. Bob received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Kansas, which he attended on a football scholarship.


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