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TIFIN Founder & CEO Dr. Vinay Nair recently joined Jack Sharry on the WealthTech on Deck podcast to discuss trends in AI, WealthTech, and holistic wellness.

ChatGPT may have recently taken the world by storm, but artificial intelligence is not new. In this episode, Vinay talks with Jack about how TIFIN is disrupting WealthTech, his predictions for the industry’s future, and the importance of innovation even in times of financial hardship.

Tune in to hear his thoughts on the following topics:

  • His background and journey to launching TIFIN
  • How to build a problem-solving product with AI
  • What holistic wellness encompasses
  • Where the financial industry is going
  • And much more.

Listen to the full episode here.

Vinay Nair WealthTech on Deck

Jack Sharry, LifeYield’s chief growth officer, hosts the weekly podcast WealthTech on Deck. His guests are leaders from the financial services industry sharing their visions, strategies, and plans for the future of financial advice. LifeYield offers digitally-enhanced advice software to support today’s advisors and clients in an increasingly complex world.

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