Revolutionizing the Client Experience by Recognizing the Human Side of Wealth Management

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In the latest video from TIFIN Wealth’s Growth and Wealth Tech series covering the intersection of firm growth and technology, Ben Pitts, Head of Sales Development & Research sat down with James Lenhoff, Director of Mission at Wealthquest, to discuss the human side of wealth management plus: 

  • James’ views on solving client pain points to grow your firm
  • How AI technology can be used to revolutionize the client experience
  • How a focus on philanthropy has helped his firm connect with clients


About James Lenhoff

James Lenhoff is the Director of Mission at Wealthquest, a comprehensive financial planning and wealth management firm that manages over $1.5 billion in assets for nearly 1,500 client families. James co-founded Wealthquest and, as President, shepherded the firm through its first 15 years of rapid growth.  In 2021, Wealthquest was named “Top 5 Best Places to Work for Financial Advisors” by “Investment New.” The firm is amongst the top 300 RIA firms in the country.

James is an author of “Living a Rich Life: The No-Regrets Guide to Building and Spending Wealth” and host of “The Rich Life Podcast.”  James’ passion is to change the conversation about money and his goal is to talk about the points in time where the industry’s rules don’t work anymore – where advice goes beyond the math. 

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