Accelerating Growth through Measurable Content Marketing

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In a video from Digital Wealth News’ Fintech Mastermind Series, watch as Niharika Shah, Chief Growth Officer of TIFIN Wealth, and Meghan McCartan, Chief Marketing Officer of Hightower Advisors discuss how financial advisors can accelerate growth through measurable content marketing.

Watch to learn how advisors can leverage technology to:
  • Strategically expand their businesses through personalized communication
  • Share genuine messages that help build trust and keep your value top-of-mind
  • Deepen relationships by recognizing the changing role of an advisor in helping clients and their families achieve financial wellness
  • Determine what topics resonate with clients and prospects through AI-powered analytics
  • Create more content that reflects people’s needs and wants through marketing automation
  • Save time while achieving growth at scale

Learn how TIFIN Wealth can help by scheduling a
guided tour of our platform for organic growth.

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