How To Drive More Leads with Tailored Marketing

How To Drive More Leads with Tailored Marketing

Wealth managers who are looking to grow their businesses ought to utilize marketing to create awareness for their services, nurture prospects, and keep clients engaged. A well-tailored marketing strategy helps guide prospects to become clients with strategic touch points that lead users to take desired actions.

On average, it takes 13 touch points to convert a user from prospect to client. Having a concise, deliberate digital presence and marketing strategy can help drive new clients while keeping the number of touch points needed to a minimum. To decrease the number of engagements needed, you should focus on reducing the number of steps a prospect must take to reach your end goal – whether it’s learning new information, contacting you, or updating their investment strategy.

Tailor your messaging to your audience

When developing messaging for your firm, you need to not only think about the services that you provide and what differentiates you from competitors but also your end audience. What are the characteristics of your average client – is there a common profession, life stage, investment goal, etc. that they share? The content you create and marketing tactics that you deploy need to align with your audience, highlighting how your services help solve problems that they have.

The content that you create and distribute should be relevant and value-adding to those consuming it, but it also needs to be accessible. Rather than using highly technical terms that may be used by industry professionals, ensure that you use language that your audience understands and uses themselves.

Furthermore, you should have an end goal in mind when creating content – what do you want your audience to do after consuming this information? Keep your messaging succinct and actionable to help guide your users to the desired action. If you need help creating custom content or crafting a digital marketing strategy, our team of financial marketing experts at TIFIN Content can help you create a digital marketing plan that will increase your reach, drive leads, nurture relationships, and maximize your marketing ROI.

Guide users to your desired outcome

We recommend focusing on your website first to drive desired outcomes. Your website is likely the first interaction that prospective customers have with you – nearly 40% of potential clients start their search for a financial advisor with a cold online search. Therefore, you need to ensure that your website is easily navigable, surfaces the information that your audience is looking for, and facilitates the actions that you want them to take. For example, if you want prospects to fill out a lead form, you need to make sure that call to action is prominent on your site where they typically consume information. You can use analytics tools like Google Analytics to help determine the best pages to include lead generation forms for prospects.

Measure your results

As you utilize new messaging and create new experiences as part of your marketing, you need to measure your results. Tools like Google Analytics, Hotjar, SimilarWeb, etc. will help you understand what’s working and better yet what’s not. Over time you will be able to optimize your marketing channels and maximize your return. Marketing is as much an art as it is a science. Keep your messaging simple, keep your content scannable, and remove barriers to action.

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