Client Conversations: 7 Things Clients Need to Do in the Decade Before They Retire

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Have you ever wished that there was a simple retirement roadmap – one that outlines each person’s path to financial security featuring days spent with family, vacations, and blissful moments of relaxation?

Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all way to help clients reach their retirement goals. What they need and how you’ll get there depends on their individual objectives, personal circumstances, and the opportunity to consult with their investment advisor.

When clients reach the point in their careers where they can see the finish line of retirement, the intensity often ratchets up as they enter the home stretch. One way to help them prepare is to reference Franklin Templeton’s “Seven Things You Need to Do in the Decade Before You Retire” workbook. This workbook helps clients work through:

  1. Determining When the Time Is Right
  2. Taking Aim at Your Retirement Target
  3. Maximizing Your Nest Egg
  4. Getting a Portfolio Check-Up
  5. Creating a Social Security Strategy
  6. Building a Retirement Income Stream
  7. Looking Beyond the Money

Advisors may also learn more about deploying technology to help prepare their clients for a successful home stretch in retirement. Book a short demo to learn more.

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