Women in Finance: Meet Laura Kimble

Laura Kimble, VP of Product and Machine Learning

Today, we’re highlighting Laura Kimble, Vice President of Product and Machine Learning at TIFIN Content. Laura joined the team in 2020 to help build and continually improve the AI-powered platform.

TIFIN Content: Laura, can you share a bit about yourself and your family?

Laura: I live in Denver, CO with my husband and fluffy Samoyed dog, Kaia.  My educational background is in math, computer science, and engineering, and I’ve always been interested in investing and finance management at a personal level.  I love snowboarding, climbing, mountain biking, board games, and trips with friends.

TC: How did you enter into this career path?

Laura: I’ve been working with data, analytics, and machine learning for most of my career.  When I had the opportunity to join TIFIN and build algorithms to match financial content to advisors and investors in a fast-paced startup environment, I took the chance.  I love the challenges, personal growth, and close-knit team that come with working here. I’ve also had the opportunity to help shape the direction of the product, which is new for me and very rewarding.

TC: Can you talk about some of the barriers that you’ve faced and how you overcame them?

Laura: Several years ago in a previous company, I was turned down from a data science role within that same company.  While I didn’t agree with their decision, it made me realize that maybe I did need to shore up my data science and statistics skills before moving into a new role.  So I left that company and enrolled in a 3-month immersive data science bootcamp, which gave me the skills, knowledge, and confidence I needed to succeed in data science and machine learning.

TC: What’s some advice that you would share with younger women?

Laura: Try not to let work stress interfere with your home/not-work life.  In the past when I’ve had stressful days/weeks at work, I let that spill into my nights and weekends and affect my mood as well as my husband and friends.  It’s not easy, but if you can de-stress and leave the work stress “at the office” (no matter where, when, or how you work), then you and everyone around you outside of work will be happier and more relaxed.

We’re excited to share the incredible women who we work with as clients and teammates. You can continue to check back throughout the month of March to see the other women we highlight.

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