Women in Finance: Meet Jamie Fairbanks

Jamie Fairbanks, Director of Advisor Success at Clout

In honor of Women’s History Month, we are highlighting some of the amazing women that we work with as well as members of our team here at Clout. Today, we’re highlighting Jamie Fairbanks, Director of Advisor Success at TIFIN Clout. Read on to get to know our incredible advisor success leader. Clout: Jamie, can you […]

Why Your Marketing Strategy Must Be Ongoing and Consistent

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Why Your Marketing Strategy Must Be Ongoing and Consistent When it comes to business, there are no overnight success stories. It takes time to build an audience, a brand, and a reputation. Even when a company has reached a certain level of success, they have to continue to market their products and services. Imagine if […]

What Financial Advisors and Their Firms Don’t Understand About Digital Marketing

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How can advisors and financial firms improve their marketing? Digital marketing expert and TIFIN Clout CEO Niharika Shah explains why the solution lies in personalizing relationships. ‍ Originally from InvestmentNews.com (11/4/21) For many advisors and their firms, the era of cold-calling and wholesaler-paid prospecting dinners were the good old days of advisor marketing. Truth be […]

Why Financial Advisors Need To Demonstrate Their Firm’s Expertise In Digital Marketing

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The Online Marketing Institute has shown it takes between 7-13 touches with a client before you make a sales-ready lead. One of the best ways to create enough touchpoints is to publish content online. This content can come in different forms, including articles, social media posts, podcasts, videos, emails, and other content. For businesses, the […]

The Impact of Apple’s iOS 15 Update on Email Marketing for Financial Advisors

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At its Worldwide Developers Conference in June, Apple announced new privacy features for the iOS 15, which became available to the public in September 2021. These privacy features have already had a tremendous impact on the use and effectiveness of email marketing, and they will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Apple’s iOS […]

How the Right Risk Profiling Can Help You Close Clients (No, Really!)

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As discussed in our article Traditional Risk Tolerance Questionnaires Lead to Inaccurate Risk Appetite, risk tolerance questionnaires help mitigate biases and emotional subjectivity in investing decisions. But risk profiling through TIFIN Wealth’s Risk Alignment tool takes it a step further. Unlike other questionnaires that only provide one aspect of risk at a time, our platform […]