As Companies Stay Private Longer, Advisors Need Access to Private Markets

It’s no secret that Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) have been the go-to fundraising tool for companies of a certain size for over a century. However, the investing landscape has changed since the heyday of IPOs.  Consider the following:  In 1980, the median age of a company at its IPO was 6 years, whereas in 2021, […]

Personalized Wealth Management for Financial Advisors

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Why Hyper-Personalization Should Be At Your Firm’s Forefront When your clients browse social media, they’re served personalized content. When they stream movies or music, they receive personalized recommendations. When they meet with you, their wealth advisor, they inherently expect the same level of personalization–and if they don’t receive it, they may look elsewhere for someone […]

Client Conversations: Answering Questions on Cryptocurrency and NFTs

Over the last decade, alternative investments have increased in both popularity and accessibility as individual, retail and institutional investors seek to diversify their portfolios. According to Harvard Business School, this is primarily due to the global financial crisis, which saw the value of traditional investments plummet.  In that same period of time, digital assets like […]

Client Conversations: 7 Things Clients Need to Do in the Decade Before They Retire

Have you ever wished that there was a simple retirement roadmap – one that outlines each person’s path to financial security featuring days spent with family, vacations, and blissful moments of relaxation? Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all way to help clients reach their retirement goals. What they need and how you’ll get there depends on […]

Putting the “I” in Investor: How to Give Clients the Personalization They Expect

Consumers now expect customized treatment from all services – including their financial advisor. New technology can help even small practices keep up. “One size fits all” no longer fits. In a world where a person’s streaming service recommends movies they’ll love and their grocery app remembers their favorite snacks, investors are wondering why their financial […]

Where Faith Meets Finance: Biblically Responsible Investing

Where Faith Meets Finance: Biblically Responsible Investing

Religious beliefs often guide charitable giving. But they can also guide investment choices.  In today’s world of bespoke clothing and customized coffee, more and more investors are looking to extending the trend of personalization to their portfolios. For many, this means making sure their investments and values are aligned. A staunch environmentalist may buy shares […]

The Dangers of Gamified and Thrill-Seeking Investing for Gen Z and Millennials

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Investing has always come with some risk, and it’s understood in the financial community that the more risk a person takes on, the more they may expose themselves to both big gains, but also big losses. Today, with national news headlines of the occasional meme stock trader, NFT connoisseur, or cryptocurrency investor making six figures […]

What is Thematic Investing?

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Thematic investing allows people to align their investments with their beliefs.  Understanding the investment world can feel daunting with what can seem like a never-ending variety of choices across stocks, bonds, and much more.  But what if you want to express your viewpoints through your investments? Well, the good news is you can. Thematic investing […]

3 Things You Should Know about the FIRE Movement

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You’ve likely heard of it, but may be asking yourself what FIRE actually is, and if it makes sense within your financial future. As the Millennial and Gen Z generations continue to shift their perspectives on work and happiness, the Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) movement has… well… been spreading like wildfire. Here are three […]