Why Traditional Risk Tolerance Questionnaires Lead to Inaccurate Risk Appetite

Totum Risk Preference

As an advisor, you have probably been relying on financial risk tolerance questionnaires to assess a client’s risk preference. Then, depending on the client’s answers, you gear the portfolio to a more or less aggressive approach.  The problem with this method is that the questions weigh heavily on how a client generally feels about investing […]

TIFIN Wealth Risk Alignment is now an approved vendor of Advisor Group

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We are excited to partner with Advisor Group as an approved risk profiling vendor to its network of firms including FSC Securities Corporation, Royal Alliance, SagePoint Financial, Securities America, Triad Advisors, and Woodbury Financial. Advisors within Advisor Group can now access our unique, fact-based risk tolerance platform to better understand their clients. Schedule a demo to […]

How Positive Psychology Is Moving From The Fitness Industry To Financial Services

Positive Psychology Moves from Fitness Industry to Financial Services

What can the financial services industry learn about loyalty and engagement from the world of fitness? More than you might expect. The fitness industry, specifically brands like Peloton and Noom, have embraced the principles of positive psychology to change the way people approach working out and weight loss. Instead of considering fitness a means to […]

TIFIN Group Buys Totum Risk, Financial Planning Tech To Launch New Platforms

TIFIN Group Buys Totum Risk

Boulder, Colo.-based The TIFIN GROUP, a fintech holding company, announced today that it has added two new technology providers to its portfolio, including the risk profiling firm Totum Risk. The acquisitions also include a personal financial planning offering, myFinancialAnswers. Additional details of the acquisition were not announced. “TIFIN’s operating companies are building innovative fintech products […]

Using Financial Personality to Guide the Advisor-Client Relationship

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All financial advisors are familiar with the phrase: “Know Your Client.” It all boils down to the importance of knowing the priorities of the person you are advising. The guidance you lend to your clients may change what is financially possible for them years down the road — from what house they can afford, to […]

A Conversation With TIFIN Personality Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer Iain Gillespie

Iain Gillespie

Unlocking the Power of Personality in Investing: A Conversation with TIFIN Personality’s Iain Gillespie TIFIN Personality is combining the principles of positive psychology with modern wealth management to create stronger connections between people, their advisors, and their wealth. It’s a concept that co-founder and CPO Iain Gillespie has been working on for years, combining the […]

Start Strong With Your 2022 Marketing Efforts

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With the new year comes new opportunities to attract and convert potential clients. The start of 2022 offers a great chance for you to hone your marketing strategy and ensure that you are reaching prospects in new and engaging ways that resonate with their own aspirations. You should capitalize on this time to reassure, educate, […]

Selecting the Right Client Portal for Financial Advisors

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In order to provide the highest level of financial advice for clients and compete against online ‘do it yourself’ financial tools, advisors must use technology that helps them develop a competitive edge in service, advice, and customer experience. Advisors can often put together more appropriate portfolios based on their knowledge of the market and their […]