The Power of AI in Wealth Management

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The Importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Wealth Management

Artificial intelligence (AI) driven wealth management platforms may now be considered must-haves for modern financial advisory firms. Virtually every other arena in investors’ lives–entertainment, shopping and social media, for example–is characterized by ultra-personalized experiences powered by AI. It’s only natural for investors to expect the same from their wealth advisors.

Around 75% of enterprises will shift to operationalizing AI come 2024, according to a Gartner report. 80% of respondents to an Accenture survey are either deploying or scaling both client- and advisor-facing AI-powered technology. In the wealth management industry especially, advisors who leave AI-powered tools out of their kits could lose critical opportunities to competitors like roboadvisors – especially as wealth begins to change hands from Baby Boomers to Millennials.

The efficiency and insight provided by AI in wealth management platforms is essential to building rapport with clients, winning prospects and growing business. TIFIN Wealth makes it possible with a wealth of AI-driven tools for every phase of the advisor-client relationship. Harness the power of machine learning to sift through mountains of data, uncover ideal prospects, learn clients’ values and create personalized portfolios accordingly.

Benefits of AI in Wealth Management

Investment Personalization at Scale

Spend more time growing and less time on manual work. TIFIN Wealth lets financial advisors quickly deploy personalized wealth management solutions powered by AI. Gain the freedom and flexibility needed to attend to current and prospective clients while TIFIN Wealth delivers actionable insights. With AI technology shouldering the burden of routine calculations and remembering critical data on each client and prospect, you’re ready to focus on what matters most: developing investor relationships and growing their wealth. 


Dive more deeply into fact-based risk tolerance, generate plans that put goals within reach and build portfolios that represent the heart of clients’ values. Every feature of TIFIN Wealth uses AI to guide advisors in offering hyper-personalization around portfolio generation and optimization.

Improved Client Relationships

AI-powered tools can deliver insights that may have gone unnoticed during client consults. With those insights, advisors can improve their approach to customer service. Get a better understanding of clients’ goals, build trust, and gather referrals from friends and family for sustained firm growth. Better yet – uncover held-away assets in areas you may not have even know investors were exploring through DIY tactics. 

Enhanced Service Offerings

Help your firm rise to every challenge with a suite of AI-powered tools gathered on one convenient wealth management platform. With these tools, organizations can make better decisions, improve core advisory services and accelerate data analyzing speed and reporting time.

AI Wealth Management Examples

Advisors interested in AI-driven wealth management platforms may be surprised to learn that artificial intelligence touches every feature of TIFIN Wealth. Uniquely, we’ve created tools and systems that utilize AI to sift through mountains of data, as well as parse unique client inputs and generate personalized plans. The possibilities are endless – and so is the value TIFIN Wealth offers advisors.

Digest and discover qualified prospects

TIFIN Wealth pulls data from millions of households to help advisors sift through prospects, find those that match your best clients in moments, and dramatically increases chances of conversion – even before your very first contact with a prospect.

Answer questions and convert quickly

Once you’ve secured a prospect meeting, deliver swift, immediate value by answering their most pressing financial planning questions: When can I retire? Am I on track to save for my child’s education? And more. Using simple inputs, the conversational AI helps you build trust and close quickly.

How Advisors Can Adopt AI 

Many wealth management firms mistakenly believe that AI-powered tools are hard to use or only accessible to large-scale firms and businesses. That’s not the case – especially now that TIFIN Wealth is available and scalable to your needs. It’s easy to see why this perception exists: artificial intelligence was regarded as something of a science fiction concept, then slowly grew more sophisticated until organizations throughout dozens of industries began to implement it in some shape or form.

AI certainly remains impressive today, but its applications are far more practical such as navigation through Google Maps, smart assistants like Siri or Alexa, or even being recommended a great movie to watch based on past behavior in Netflix. Not only that, the value AI-driven tools deliver (when deployed strategically) can be life-changing for businesses–especially those in the wealth management world. As Accenture discovered, “companies who are successful have nearly 2x the success rate and 3x the return from AI investments versus those stuck in proof of concept.” 

The implications for wealth advisors, many of whom continue to rely on spreadsheets and other outdated legacy processes, are far-reaching. Early AI adopters have the advantage in nearly every domain of wealth management, from client relationships to portfolio planning. Risk assessments, which tend to rely on clients’ feelings and advisors’ perceptions, are dramatically improved with AI-based tools. So is portfolio planning, onboarding questionnaires, and other processes critical to running a successful wealth management practice.

Grow with TIFIN

Artificial intelligence drives TIFIN Wealth’s most fundamental features to make hyper-personalized planning possible for current and prospective clients. We’ve developed our AI solution software to target, expedite and refine key processes advisors navigate on a regular basis: prospecting, plan generation, risk tolerance assessments, client onboarding, investment proposal creation, and more. No matter how you grow, TIFIN Wealth is there alongside you, helping your practice do more with less with AI-powered tools.

Use insights about investors’ values, interests and habits to build personalized plans.

A core allocation model–usually the client’s existing portfolio–is complemented by a satellite portfolio of thematic tilts yielded from TIFIN Wealth’s financial personality assessments.

Improve the likelihood of conversion with carefully chosen prospects. 

TIFIN Wealth can easily match your best clients or discover prospects based on lookalikes. With basic information (name, location) advisors can learn more about each prospect, gather materials ahead of first contact and come prepared to answer any questions those prospects may have, increasing conversion rates.

Go beyond what investors say and glean insight into how they feel.

 Many investors know what they want but not how to get it. With TIFIN Wealth, advisors can use a variety of simple assessments to go deeper into clients’ worries, identify closely-held ideals and recommend next steps that align with their values. Trust develops naturally, and quickly.

Demonstrate value to younger investors and come out ahead of the great transfer.

As Baby Boomers begin to pass down their wealth, TIFIN Wealth supports financial advisors on their journey to connect with the next generation of investors. Prove your worth with ultra-personalized guidance that addresses common concerns – not just retirement, but family planning and education – and meet younger investors (including your clients’ children) where they’re at. With tools like conversational AI on hand to answer questions and generate plans, you’re positioned for long-term growth and success.

See TIFIN Wealth’s AI-powered tools in action. Schedule a demo with today to discuss your needs and learn how our personalized wealth management solutions can transform your approach to portfolio generation, financial planning, risk tolerance assessments, and much more.

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