Accessing Real Estate Exposure Through Private Credit

In times of market volatility, some investors look toward real estate as a safe haven for their capital as well as protection against inflation. Owning real estate has many potential benefits, however, not all investors have the financial flexibility to have their money locked up for 10-plus years. Private credit offers these investors exposure to […]

4 Types of Private Credit Advisors Should Know

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Are you familiar with the types of Private Credit that may have the greatest potential to enhance your client portfolios? Private Credit as an asset class may be an attractive option for sophisticated investors who are looking to add diversification while also protecting their principal in volatile markets. However, there are many different kinds of […]

A Primer on Private Credit as an Opportunity for Fixed Income Replacement

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The 60/40 portfolio is no longer delivering for many investors, creating a growing demand for alternatives to traditional fixed income allocations. One such replacement opportunity is Private Credit, which has been among the fastest-growing asset classes over the past five years. While bond yields remain lackluster, access to floating rate credits puts many Private Credit […]

A Primer on Private Markets Operational Due Diligence

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Investing in private markets has historically been a complex exercise. At TIFIN Private Markets, we believe in streamlining alternative investment operational due diligence (ODD) as a means of increasing access to this key asset class. In this article, we explore the fundamentals of this critical step in the investment process.  What is Operational Due Diligence? […]

A Primer on Liquidity in Private Markets

Private Markets investments are often thought of as illiquid. But this is not always the case. Liquidity comes in many flavors and is driven by each fund’s underlying investments. In this post, the team from TIFIN Private Markets guides you through the range of liquidity options available to advisors and their clients. The Liquidity Spectrum […]

As Companies Stay Private Longer, Advisors Need Access to Private Markets

It’s no secret that Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) have been the go-to fundraising tool for companies of a certain size for over a century. However, the investing landscape has changed since the heyday of IPOs.  Consider the following:  In 1980, the median age of a company at its IPO was 6 years, whereas in 2021, […]