5 Questions with BrightPortfolios: Investing in Line with Christian Values

At TIFIN Grow, we believe that with investment personalization, it’s critical to help clients invest in what matters most to them. This should not end at clients’ religious beliefs. We sat down with BrightPortfolios, a firm that offers asset allocation portfolios and automated solutions to financial advisors, to learn more about solutions within this growing […]

Putting the “I” in Investor: How to Give Clients the Personalization They Expect

Consumers now expect customized treatment from all services – including their financial advisor. New technology can help even small practices keep up. “One size fits all” no longer fits. In a world where a person’s streaming service recommends movies they’ll love and their grocery app remembers their favorite snacks, investors are wondering why their financial […]

Top 10 Marketing Trends for Financial Advisors In 2023

2022 on wooden blocks

With the marketing landscape always changing, businesses will need to adapt their marketing strategies. Moving forward, financial advisors will face unique and new challenges when trying to connect with clients and reach more prospects. Keeping this in mind, we cover the top ten marketing trends that financial advisors can use to grow their businesses in […]

Start Strong With Your 2022 Marketing Efforts

various dollar bills lay on a table

With the new year comes new opportunities to attract and convert potential clients. The start of 2022 offers a great chance for you to hone your marketing strategy and ensure that you are reaching prospects in new and engaging ways that resonate with their own aspirations. You should capitalize on this time to reassure, educate, […]