A Conversation with Change Finance: The First-Ever Certified Carbon Neutral Fund

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As more people take the TIFIN Personality Financial Personality Assessment, it becomes clear that a significant number of investors care about ESG and putting their money where their minds are. We recently sat down with Change Finance, creators of the first ever Certified Carbon Neutral Fund (Change Finance US Large Cap Fossil Fuel Free ETF […]

What is Thematic Investing?

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Thematic investing allows people to align their investments with their beliefs.  Understanding the investment world can feel daunting with what can seem like a never-ending variety of choices across stocks, bonds, and much more.  But what if you want to express your viewpoints through your investments? Well, the good news is you can. Thematic investing […]

3 Things You Should Know about the FIRE Movement

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You’ve likely heard of it, but may be asking yourself what FIRE actually is, and if it makes sense within your financial future. As the Millennial and Gen Z generations continue to shift their perspectives on work and happiness, the Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) movement has… well… been spreading like wildfire. Here are three […]

What Investors Need to Know about ESG

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You’ve heard about ESG, but you’re not sure how to align your beliefs with your investments. Investors with a leaning toward purpose as a motivator aim to find a deeper sense of meaning in where they put their money, and ESG funds may be a great way to express a purpose-based financial personality. In this […]

What, really, is ethical investing? 

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As an investor, you have the power to ensure that your investments align with your beliefs and principles. Returns, while critical, are often not the only priority many investors have today. Increasingly, people who are purpose and viewpoint-driven are also focused on ethical investing and finding opportunities to do so without having to sacrifice returns. […]

Retirement Income Planning: Develop a Plan in Four Easy Steps

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You may think you’re prepared for retirement by having a retirement savings account, but have you developed a retirement income plan? Here’s what you need to know to ensure a comfortable retirement.  Much has been written about how to save for retirement. It’s harder to find information on what to do when you’re ready to […]

Why Every Investor Should Know Their Financial Personality

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Individual investing can be an intimidating process, with volumes of contradictory advice competing for your attention. At the same time, there are so many variables for each investor to consider — their time horizon, their long-term goals, their risk tolerance and more. This can create a situation where, paralyzed by data, an investor builds a […]