The Data-Driven Path to Wealth Management Growth

Harness the power of data science to grow your firm.    Watch a replay of our recent webinar that explores the challenges and opportunities in driving organic growth in the wealth management landscape – and the essential role that data science must play. TIFIN Wealth’s Head of Enterprise Success and Chief Product Officer shed light on […]

Building a Smart Data Strategy for Your Wealth Firm

Computer screen with reports

How Better Data and Precision AI Can Fuel Growth for Wealth Management It’s a very old maxim in the tech world: GIGO, or Garbage In, Garbage Out. Since the earliest days of computing, people understood that feeding bad data into a system would provide a flawed answer, even if every part of the calculation was […]

Growth: Your Business Case for Investing in AI & Data Science

Growth: Your Business Case for Investing in AI & Data Science

Are you ready to harness the full potential of your firm’s data? Watch a replay of an insightful webinar featuring Greg Beltzer, Head of Technology at RBC Wealth Management, and Ben Pitts, Head of Sales Development & Research at TIFIN Wealth, as they explore why investing in data science is crucial for the growth and […]