Embracing Millennial and Gen Z Clients: Unlocking the Power of a Growing Market

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In today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape, both client demographics and the role of advisors are undergoing a significant shift. To ensure long-term growth and sustainability, advisors must recognize the immense potential of serving Millennial and Generation Z clients. These younger generations represent a substantial portion of the population and possess considerable wealth. Financial advisors can […]

5 Questions with Bill Parsons

TIFIN Grow is pleased to welcome Bill Parsons as EVP and General Manager. We’d like to introduce Bill and the deep experience he brings to the fintech, AI, and analytics-led solution space. Below, we invite you to get to know Bill as he answers five questions about his career, the fintech industry, and the best […]

Putting the “I” in Investor: How to Give Clients the Personalization They Expect

Consumers now expect customized treatment from all services – including their financial advisor. New technology can help even small practices keep up. “One size fits all” no longer fits. In a world where a person’s streaming service recommends movies they’ll love and their grocery app remembers their favorite snacks, investors are wondering why their financial […]

Countering Client Anxiety With Risk Scores Rooted in Reality

Market volatility is par for the course in investing—yet it can still catch your clients off guard. When markets dip or volatility prevails, investors often let their emotions rule, sparking feelings of anxiety (and even panic). This can lead to a premature sell-off, which can drastically reduce their returns in the long run.  Case in […]

How the Right Risk Profiling Can Help You Close Clients (No, Really!)

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As discussed in our article Traditional Risk Tolerance Questionnaires Lead to Inaccurate Risk Appetite, risk tolerance questionnaires help mitigate biases and emotional subjectivity in investing decisions. But risk profiling through TIFIN Wealth’s Risk Alignment tool takes it a step further. Unlike other questionnaires that only provide one aspect of risk at a time, our platform […]