A Conversation with Breakwave Advisors and Sea/Switch Partners: Maritime Decarbonization

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As more people take the TIFIN Personality Financial Personality Assessment, it has become clear that a significant number of investors are passionate about ESG and putting their money where their minds are through Purpose investing. We recently sat down with Breakwave Advisors and Sea/Switch, partners in the ETFMG Breakwave Sea Decarbonization Tech ETF (BSEA), to […]

Why Conversational AI is a Must for Your Financial Planning Practice

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Your clients and prospects expect a simple, digital solution to fulfill every need – including financial planning. That means you must embrace emerging technology to attract, retain, and serve them. To bring you up to date, we’ll discuss one of the latest trends – Conversational AI – and how you can use it to grow […]

Where Faith Meets Finance: Biblically Responsible Investing

Where Faith Meets Finance: Biblically Responsible Investing

Religious beliefs often guide charitable giving. But they can also guide investment choices.  In today’s world of bespoke clothing and customized coffee, more and more investors are looking to extending the trend of personalization to their portfolios. For many, this means making sure their investments and values are aligned. A staunch environmentalist may buy shares […]

The Dangers of Gamified and Thrill-Seeking Investing for Gen Z and Millennials

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Investing has always come with some risk, and it’s understood in the financial community that the more risk a person takes on, the more they may expose themselves to both big gains, but also big losses. Today, with national news headlines of the occasional meme stock trader, NFT connoisseur, or cryptocurrency investor making six figures […]

The Importance of Understanding Your Risk Profile for Your Retirement Accounts

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With pensions nearing extinction, most Americans have had few other options but to build their own retirement nest eggs. Many individuals have turned to their 401(k) or IRA, to build up funds, hoping it will be enough down the line when they finally stop earning an income. If you have a good portion of your […]

A Conversation with Change Finance: The First-Ever Certified Carbon Neutral Fund

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As more people take the TIFIN Personality Financial Personality Assessment, it becomes clear that a significant number of investors care about ESG and putting their money where their minds are. We recently sat down with Change Finance, creators of the first ever Certified Carbon Neutral Fund (Change Finance US Large Cap Fossil Fuel Free ETF […]

15 Ways for Advisors to Increase Engagement on Social Media

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Social media engagement is a way to measure likes, comments, and shares on your posts. It’s important because it creates a stronger relationship between you and your customers. It also increases your visibility, since social media platforms favor businesses with more engagement. Both of these factors can lead to additional sales through upselling, repeat business, […]

Why Risk Preference and Risk Capacity Need to Be Scored Separately

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Risk tolerance questionnaires have traditionally consisted of questions that produce one score centered around risk preference or attitude, which advisors then use to create portfolios or record the rationale for how they match clients to specific firm models. This can often create misalignment as it may not expose the entire reality of an individual’s overall […]

TIFIN Risk is now an approved affinity partner for Infinex Financial Group


Today, we are excited to announce our latest partnership with Infinex Financial Group. TIFIN Risk is now an approved affinity partner, and we are able to offer our fact-based risk profiling platform to Infinex financial professionals at a discount. Investment and insurance products and services are offered through INFINEX INVESTMENTS, INC. Member FINRA/SIPC. Schedule a […]

What Financial Advisors and Their Firms Don’t Understand About Digital Marketing

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How can advisors and financial firms improve their marketing? Digital marketing expert and TIFIN Clout CEO Niharika Shah explains why the solution lies in personalizing relationships. ‍ Originally from InvestmentNews.com (11/4/21) For many advisors and their firms, the era of cold-calling and wholesaler-paid prospecting dinners were the good old days of advisor marketing. Truth be […]