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What is a Viewpoints investor?

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Viewpoints investors want to test their knowledge of emerging trends that are shaping the future. Scoring highly for Viewpoints as a financial personality type means somebody is extremely curious about the world around them. They see investing as a way to satisfy and test their natural intellectual curiosity. They often have a desire to express their world views through their investments.

Viewpoints investors tend to be lifelong learners, early adopters, and are willing to learn about technologies and trends shaping the future. Linking their investments to views on the future is an exciting, intellectual activity. They act with conviction when they see an opportunity and derive great satisfaction and learning from the outcome of their actions.

In contrast, somebody who scores lower on Viewpoints believes investing is about getting to the right outcomes, not about taking chances.

Viewpoints investors may be interested in cutting-edge industries like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robotics, medical breakthroughs, cannabis, and more. They may also have an eye for international investments like those in Emerging Markets such as China, India, or Brazil.

Topics in Viewpoints Investing