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What is a Security Investor?

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Investors with a high financial personality score in Security believe it’s important to know they have enough invested to meet their goals and that their financial future is well taken care of. Protection, rather than risk, is their dominant investment objective. This is in contrast to investors who believe in taking calculated risks to achieve growth. 

Research and validation are part of a Security investor’s identity. They are often willing to put in plenty of effort to get to a higher level of understanding required to provide them with comfort surrounding their decisions, or to work with a professional who can provide this for them.

This type of investor may benefit from guidance in understanding the possible losses in their portfolio. Communication with a financial advisor may help in their ability to stay the course during market fluctuations and in understanding the impact of not staying invested during even the most turbulent times. 

Security Investors may seek to protect their portfolio by investing in assets such as commodities, real estate, or even precious metals, with the objective of generating growth while managing risk.

Topics in Security Investing