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Intelligent Trading and Rebalancing for Advisors

Spend more time doing what you do best – satisfying your clients – and less time managing portfolios and operation workflows. TIFIN Grow’s sub-advisory platform makes this possible by managing the trading and rebalancing of your client’s portfolio on your behalf for your clients. Use the built-in AI to design portfolios, place trade requests with just a few clicks, and simplify your approach to portfolio management even further. Contact your client success representative to get started. This is portfolio management made simple.

Experience a Next Generation Sub-Advised Portfolio Management Platform

Spend the time you save with TIFIN Grow’s platform however you like.
Focus on other priorities as our platform handles the work of trade execution, then grow your practice with newfound time and resources. Our solution is scalable and grows with you, wherever you go.
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Quickly Rebalance Your Accounts

TIFIN Grow’s AI-powered portfolio management tools facilitate efficient portfolio rebalancing so you can keep up with changes. With just a few clicks, you can quickly and easily place trade requests and generate portfolio recommendations that keep your clients on target to achieve their goals.

Differentiate Your Business With Investment Personalization at Scale

Investment personalization is crucial to win new prospects, satisfy clients and increase investment engagement. And with TIFIN Grow, personalization is part of every stage.

Sub-Advised Trading With TIFIN Grow

Leverage TIFIN Grow to transform your approach to personalized investment management. Just remember: TIFIN Grow does not establish relationships with clients. As their advisor, you have the final say in their personalized investment strategies.

Consolidated Investment Workflow

Streamline end-to-end workflows and enjoy a more seamless investment management experience. From prospecting to assessment and proposal to execution, our tools, alerts and data feeds let you manage trading and proposals on a single, convenient investment management platform.
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Intelligent Investment Management

TIFIN Grow rebalances portfolios quarterly based on Drift or Tracking Error by comparing the current client’s portfolio to a target/model portfolio. Smart alerts (also available via mobile app) let you know when to monitor and execute trades to keep investors on track.

Demo Sub-Advised Trading From TIFIN Grow

See TIFIN Grow’s sub-advised solution in action. Schedule a demo to learn how our platform works with your preferred custodians and learn how to generate timely portfolio recommendations.