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TIFIN Grow for Asset Managers

Has your firm tapped into the next generation precision marketing for fund distribution? Stand out by promoting funds at the moment of investment personalization.

Asset managers face heavy competition within a crowded marketplace and are finding it more difficult to stand out. TIFIN Grow helps asset managers through an innovative, AI-driven, partnership solution, using data to maximize impact.

TIFIN Grow Promotes Funds Aligned with Each Investor’s Motivations

As part of the TIFIN Grow evaluation process, individuals complete a scientific financial personality assessment to gain detailed insight on each prospect/client’s dominant personality traits and intrinsic financial motivations.

Information gained is then used by advisors in thematic tilting during the investment proposal process to create customized investment proposals and portfolios.

Own a Thematic Share of Voice Across Retail and Advised Investors.

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Sponsored Fund Managers provide compensation to TIFIN Grow, LLC or one its affiliates to be a sponsored fund which provides the fund greater visibility. A conflict of interest exists between Sponsored Fund Managers and TIFIN Grow, LLC because of this compensation arrangement.