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Simple, Conversational Financial Planning Software

TIFIN Grow’s financial planning software features conversational AI technology to help you to immediately show value with prospects, by answering financial planning questions in minutes without sacrificing the quality of your services.

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Investment Planning Software for the Modern Advisor

AI-Powered Conversational Financial Planning

Quickly build rapport and provide guidance the moment investors need it. Our AI-based financial planning platform that draws on third-party data and simple user inputs to answer questions about retirement, taxes, budgeting and more. 

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Next-Gen Financial Questionnaire

Ask investors simple questions about their financial goals to generate the most relevant answers in minutes. Its user-friendly interface means investors can quickly obtain answers–and even generate micro plans–as the need arises. 

Save Time and Build Trust

Never miss a beat with investors and free up time without sacrificing prospect engagement. Real-time AI delivers financial plan advice that empowers clients, helping you grow your practice and focus resources where they’re needed most.

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What Will You Ask?

Addresses specific planning questions and provide intelligent answers, fast.

Consumers often have specific questions driven by their fears, dreams, and life circumstances. TIFIN Plan was built to help you quickly engage in collaborative conversations across a client’s lifecycle.

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Where Advanced Planning Meets Investments

TIFIN Plan is designed to capture a prospect’s information across a variety of critical lifecycle events, and then act on that information through suitable investment strategies.

“At What Age Can I Retire?”

Deciding at what age to retire can be a daunting question with significant implications. TIFIN Plan helps guide financial planning decisions for a broad variety of clients.

“How Much Should We Save for College?”

Help clients navigate long-term decisions and determine how much they’ll need to save for their child’s education, whether they’re on track to save enough, and how much they’ll need to reach their savings goals.

Are you a financial advisor with a focus on retirement plans looking to grow your business?

We invite you to explore our scalable financial wellness solution with TIFIN Plan at Work. 

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