Your AI Partner for Enterprise Growth

We help leading wealth enterprises identify and drive growth outcomes through advanced data science and client personalization across marketing automation, giving and investments.

How We Help Unlock Growth

The TIFIN Wealth platform is an intelligent ecosystem designed to help firms identify and unlock growth.
We embed the latest technology around data science and artificial intelligence throughout all components of our platform to drive the growth metrics firms care about most.

Increasing the number of leads and referrals

Converting more prospects

Increasing share of wallet with existing clients

Data Science Packages

Our Data Science capabilities combine proprietary and third-party data sources across millions of individuals to help identify conversion and growth opportunities.

Prioritize Prospects

Create look-a-like models for which prospects in a CRM look like existing client benchmarks.

Share of Wealth

Identify client upsell opportunities based on objectives, life stages and other assessed needs. 

Client Network Referrals

Create a correlation score for clients with networks and interests most likely to lead to network referrals.

A Modern Solution for Marketing Automation

Act on your data to nurture identified leads and generate firm, branch, and advisor level signals on the engagement of digital marketing content to unlock new growth opportunities.

Our scalable enterprise platform serves as the marketing command center for home office and larger branch firms.

Cascade home office content to a branch network of advisors

Distribute content across email and social media channels

Match content to individuals through an intelligent recommendation engine 

Customize templates and campaigns

Seamlessly submit compliance approvals

Visualize data in real time

Delivering Personalized Investing Experiences

Go from prospect to proposal to customer faster with client personalization capabilities spanning risk tolerance, financial planning and financial personality assessments to empower actionable, personalized recommendations across investments and charitable giving.

Always On, Always Optimizing: Your AI-Assistant That Never Sleeps

To succeed in today’s ever-changing wealth management industry, firms require intelligent and agile solutions.

Our closed-loop ecosystem is designed to continuously learn and optimize, delivering customized insights and actionable recommendations that drive growth for your business.

Our algorithms analyze data to identify patterns and trends, enabling us to provide relevant and valuable insights that meet your firm’s unique needs.

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