Precision AI for Wealth Enterprises

TIFIN Wealth uses precision AI and custom-developed algorithms to power organic growth for wealth enterprises and their advisors.

Power Organic Growth for Your Firm with Data-Derived Insights

The TIFIN Wealth platform is an intelligent ecosystem deployed at the organizational level to help wealth management firms identify and unlock growth.

We embed the latest technology around data science and artificial intelligence throughout all components of our platform to drive the growth metrics firms care about most.

Understanding TIFIN Wealth's Organic Growth Ecosystem

Precision AI is the application of artificial intelligence using custom-designed algorithms trained on verified data to come up with answers to specific questions about growth.

TIFIN Wealth’s data science packages are tailored to identify different opportunities and deploy actionable insights.


TIFIN Wealth’s AI learns from available data to provide recommendations for specific opportunities.


Your firm engages these prospects through customized proposals, marketing automation and advisor interaction.


These interactions create data signals on what works to enhance the algorithms.


Data from results is fed back to the engine, enabling even better-refined recommendations.

Data Science Packages

Wealth management firms serve clients; they aren’t in the business of tech development.

Our data science experts act as an extension of your team that can handle this unique challenge by tailoring each application to your firm’s needs and data.

These custom capabilities combine proprietary and third-party data sources across millions of individuals to help identify conversion and growth opportunities.

Client Network Referrals

Create a correlation score that identifies which clients are most likely to generate referrals based on their networks and interests.

Prioritize Prospects

Create look-a-like models that identify which prospects in a CRM most resemble your existing client base and identify the best opportunities for organic growth.

Asset Consolidation

Identify who among current clients have the opportunity and likelihood to consolidate more wealth with your firm based on objectives, life stages and other assessed needs.

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Always On, Always Optimizing: Your AI-Assistant That Never Sleeps

To succeed in today’s ever-changing wealth management industry, firms require intelligent and agile solutions.

Our closed-loop ecosystem is designed to continuously learn and optimize, delivering customized insights and actionable recommendations that drive growth for your business.

Our algorithms analyze data to identify patterns and trends, enabling us to provide relevant and valuable insights that meet your firm’s unique needs.

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