Leverage the Power of Charitable Giving

Sprung from the confluence of wealth management and philanthropy, TIFIN Give empowers advisors to grow their practices by engaging clients in a digital charitable giving platform.

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Leverage the Power of Charitable Giving

Sprung from the confluence of wealth management and philanthropy, TIFIN Give empowers advisors to grow their practices by engaging clients in a digital charitable giving platform.

Leverage the Power of Charitable Giving

Meet TIFIN Give

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TIFIN Give empowers advisors to grow their practice by engaging clients and prospects with a next-generation digital charitable giving platform. Give leverages the tax-efficiency of Donor Advised Funds (DAF) to help maximize clients’ investment impact while building multi-generational relationships for the advisors we serve.

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In 2020, 88.1% of affluent households gave to charity 1

As more people incorporate philanthropy into their financial planning, there is an increasing demand for advisors experienced in offering charitable planning services.

Did You Know?

After a spouse, financial advisors are considered the most valuable source for information on philanthropy.2

Donor Advised Funds are the fastest growing philanthropic vehicle in the U.S., yet less than 50% of High Net Worth donors currently utilize a tax efficient vehicle.3

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Charitable Planning has Become a Key Differentiator for Successful Advisors.

A 2021 survey4 on the RIA industry found that the firms that incorporated charitable giving into their practice had:

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Organic growth of their practice

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New assets per investor

Why Advisors Use TIFIN Give

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With TIFIN Give, philanthropy becomes a core pillar of financial planning and investment strategy. Advisors grow their practices by accelerating prospecting with high net worth households, deepening existing client relationships and developing new relationships with multi-generational heirs.

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Give clients access to the unique tax benefits of Donor Advised Funds (DAF).

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Build direct relationships with client’s heirs, positioning advisors as a trusted resource before generational wealth transfers occur.

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Provide clients with investment portfolios aligned with their philanthropic initiatives and family giving behavior through algorithmic thematic tilts.

Why Families Use TIFIN Give

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Families utilize TIFIN Give to seamlessly collaborate across multiple generations to impact the social causes they care about the most.

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Leverage intuitive technology to search and discover giving opportunities with over 1.5 million charities.

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Send grants with just a click inside the app, not through multiple sites and channels.

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Align investments with strongly held values through an intelligent algorithmic based search engine.

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Build a legacy, empower the entire family to be involved and instill the next-generation of heirs to be responsible stewards of family capital.

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Raise money for important causes directly on the platform.

Benefits of Donor Advised Funds5

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Clients are eligible to receive an immediate tax deduction on their investment amount.

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Clients avoid capital gains taxes on appreciated stock and other assets.6
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Clients grow the investment amount tax free, maximizing their ability to impact the charities they choose.

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Simplify organization, administration, transparency and accountability for charitable dollars.

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Reach international charities and NGOs while still receiving a federal tax credit.

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Develop a philanthropic vision and philosophy and create a charitable legacy.

Leverage the Power of Charitable Giving

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3National Philanthropic Trust, DAF Report 2020

4 Fidelity Charitable. Quoted statistics refer to median assets

5 Information provided is general and educational in nature. It is not intended to be, and should not be construed as, legal or tax advice

6 For assets held over a year

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