Growing Your Practice Through Modern Charitable Giving Strategies & Technologies

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Donor-advised funds are the fastest-growing philanthropic vehicle in the US*, with accounts exceeding 1 million. Even as interest in charitable giving grows, a gap remains between the clients who seek the charitable and tax benefits of giving and the in-house capabilities of the financial advisors they trust. With the advent of digital DAF solutions into […]

A Primer on Private Markets Operational Due Diligence

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Investing in private markets has historically been a complex exercise. At TIFIN Private Markets, we believe in streamlining alternative investment operational due diligence (ODD) as a means of increasing access to this key asset class. In this article, we explore the fundamentals of this critical step in the investment process.  What is Operational Due Diligence? […]

3 Easy Steps for Combating Stress During Market Volatility 

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The Greatest Asset: Mastering Your Practice with Thomas Droge  At TIFIN Wealth, our “why” is solving for any challenge advisors may experience in their practices and creating solutions to help you grow your business. In our The Greatest Asset series, TIFIN’s Chief Mindfulness Officer Thomas Droge shares how advisors can implement strategies to maximize their […]

Accelerating Growth through Measurable Content Marketing

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In a video from Digital Wealth News’ Fintech Mastermind Series, watch as Niharika Shah, Chief Growth Officer of TIFIN Wealth, and Meghan McCartan, Chief Marketing Officer of Hightower Advisors discuss how financial advisors can accelerate growth through measurable content marketing. Watch to learn how advisors can leverage technology to: Strategically expand their businesses through personalized […]

A Primer on Liquidity in Private Markets

Private Markets investments are often thought of as illiquid. But this is not always the case. Liquidity comes in many flavors and is driven by each fund’s underlying investments. In this post, the team from TIFIN Private Markets guides you through the range of liquidity options available to advisors and their clients. The Liquidity Spectrum […]

As Companies Stay Private Longer, Advisors Need Access to Private Markets

It’s no secret that Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) have been the go-to fundraising tool for companies of a certain size for over a century. However, the investing landscape has changed since the heyday of IPOs.  Consider the following:  In 1980, the median age of a company at its IPO was 6 years, whereas in 2021, […]

5 Questions with Ultra Blue Capital: How AI is Reshaping Active Investment

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For investors curious about cutting-edge technologies, smart systems like artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics are extremely compelling. By allowing you to better analyze complex business operations, these technologies empower you to identify potentially prime investment opportunities and get ahead in today’s volatile market environment. To learn more about algorithmic investing – and understand how […]

Financial Planning: Why AI-Powered, Simpler Software Can Help You Grow

Could “less be more” in financial planning? The truth is, most prospects and clients don’t need a 30-page financial plan. Virtually none of them want one or will even read the whole thing if you and your team take the hours required to create one. In fact, trends show that a one-page plan is gaining […]

5 Questions with SmartETFs: The Transportation Revolution

Viewpoints investors are captivated by investments in a changing world. One area that continues to ignite viewpoint investors’ interest is the revolution toward “smart” transportation. To learn more, we spoke with SmartETFs, creators of The SmartETFs Smart Transportation & Technology ETF (MOTO). MOTO invests in companies that manufacture, distribute, service, offer, support, or enable electric […]

Start Blogging: Simple Steps for Financial Advisors

In the digital age, advisors who want to organically attract more clients and prospects need to raise their voices over the din of the crowd. One of the best ways available for advisors to make their voice heard online is with a blog as a way of staying top-of-mind with clients and prospects. Advisors should […]