5 Questions with BrightPortfolios: Investing in Line with Christian Values

At TIFIN Grow, we believe that with investment personalization, it’s critical to help clients invest in what matters most to them. This should not end at clients’ religious beliefs. We sat down with BrightPortfolios, a firm that offers asset allocation portfolios and automated solutions to financial advisors, to learn more about solutions within this growing […]

5 Questions with Procure: The Importance of Satellite Communications in Modern Combat

When people think of investing in space, a key theme within the Viewpoints Financial Personality, they may not realize that satellites are an integral part of the sector. Satellites are of key importance for a variety of practical uses and current events have highlighted their value during geopolitical conflicts. We spoke to ProcureAM to learn more […]

How To Drive More Leads with Tailored Marketing

How To Drive More Leads with Tailored Marketing

Wealth managers who are looking to grow their businesses ought to utilize marketing to create awareness for their services, nurture prospects, and keep clients engaged. A well-tailored marketing strategy helps guide prospects to become clients with strategic touch points that lead users to take desired actions. On average, it takes 13 touch points to convert […]

5 Questions with Bill Parsons

TIFIN Grow is pleased to welcome Bill Parsons as EVP and General Manager. We’d like to introduce Bill and the deep experience he brings to the fintech, AI, and analytics-led solution space. Below, we invite you to get to know Bill as he answers five questions about his career, the fintech industry, and the best […]

Putting the “I” in Investor: How to Give Clients the Personalization They Expect

Consumers now expect customized treatment from all services – including their financial advisor. New technology can help even small practices keep up. “One size fits all” no longer fits. In a world where a person’s streaming service recommends movies they’ll love and their grocery app remembers their favorite snacks, investors are wondering why their financial […]

Countering Client Anxiety With Risk Scores Rooted in Reality

Market volatility is par for the course in investing—yet it can still catch your clients off guard. When markets dip or volatility prevails, investors often let their emotions rule, sparking feelings of anxiety (and even panic). This can lead to a premature sell-off, which can drastically reduce their returns in the long run.  Case in […]

3 Questions with abrdn: Precious Metals and the Current Market Environment

In a volatile market environment, people may turn their eye toward investments that are designed to provide greater security. We connected with abrdn, creators of the Aberdeen Standard Physical Precious Metals Basket Shares ETF (GLTR) to understand the impact on the current market environment in the precious metals arena. GLTR aligns with the Security TIFIN […]