How TIFIN Risk's Platform Helps Clients

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Did you know many investors get stuck in investment portfolios that don’t align with the facts in their current life situation? That’s because a lot of portfolio matching is based on a subjective risk tolerance questionnaire that could vary wildly depending on what’s going on in the market, or how you feel that day. This is why your financial advisor has chosen to partner with TIFIN Risk. 

TIFIN Risk takes a fact-based approach to your risk profiling. Instead of just a single risk tolerance score, TIFIN Risk looks at three scores at once: 

RISK CAPACITY – Your ability to take risk based on the facts of your current life situation 

RISK PREFERENCE – How much risk you are willing to take based on your personalized preferences and prior experiences with investing 

PORTFOLIO RISK – A calculation of the assets of your portfolio and how much risk exposure you have to potentially change

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